Bonnie and Bobbie, the main characters describe how to make the sounds

ASL > American Manual Alphabet introduced with every letter

Letter and Sound recognition to prepare necessary literacy skills

Consonant sounds introduced in developmental order of sound acquisition

User friendly program that is easy to follow

For all families learning English

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When I saw Kids Sound Lab Pro at ASHA, I was intrigued.

Not only were the Icelandic developers a lively bunch, they had Dr. Barbara Hodson as a consultant.  Who wouldn’t take an extra look?  I recently started using the app in therapy and it is a fabulous way to introduce the phoneme “characters.”  So good, in fact, I’ve begun using it with a number of kids that have no articulation issues but struggle with sound/letter association or other phonemic awareness tasks”

“The little characterizations and animations of each phoneme as well as descriptions of productions are invaluable.  They really seem to stick with kids in a way a static representation/picture doesn’t.  And while the app’s focus on developmental order and beginning productions seems simplistic and geared toward the very young child, the pictures aren’t overly “babyish.”  I can easily see using this with a school aged child struggling with reading skills or apraxia”  See more from Kim Lewis at:

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