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 A Very Special Mother

BLAEinstok  Very_special_mother_frontcover_english  Eine_ganz_besondere_German_frontcover

The book “A Very Special Mother” was awarded “The best children´s Book in Iceland in 2008” by The Reykjavik Capital Educational Committee . The book is about a girl who grows up with a deaf mother. The author describes candidly the emotions of the girl and the reactions of society to deafness, along with comical, entertaining family life.

The book is now updated and translated to an iBook in English. The book is also available in German and the Icelandic iBook offers read aloud text and Sign Language.

Our Apps promote correct articulation and all necessary basic skills for reading

“Based on a research done in 2014″

Kids Sound Lab has new features that put a smile on every kids face!

A Sound discrimination game has been added to the app with Hoppi the frog. At every level you tap the Sun in the upper corner and she will guide you through the game levels. Parental gate makes sure parents are safe and happy! Some technology features have been improved along with dropbox storage that has been added.

We proudly tell you that a new research shows significant progress of using the methodology of Kids Sound Lab (KSL) to promote correct articulation and reading in students. First grade students in one school undergoing the KSL program, were compared to students in 3 other schools that went through other conventional reading programs. Results revealed significant difference in progress of students undergoing the KSL program as measured in a standardized pre- and post test with emphasis on literacy skills and sight word reading (Gudmundsdottir. 2014).

FROG GAMES 1, 2, 3, and School tell about Hoppi the frog. An evil wizard put a spell on Hoppi so he lost his speaking voice. To help Hoppi get his speaking voice again you need to help him get to the Magical Castle with the secret that breaks the spell. From Frog game 1 through Frog game 3, you practice the English consonant sounds in the same order as English speaking children acquire them while learning to speak. In the School game you have all games included and can register and follow students progress:

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