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In Memoriam

Dr. Bernie Silverstein & Dr. Hal Luper
60th Anniversary of the Hearing and Speech Center
University of Tennessee, Knoxville (1953 – 2013)

The Icelandic program Learning and Playing with Sounds evolved through years of clinical work and studies, following the authors collaboration with the late Dr. Bernard Silverstein professor at University of Tennessee, USA  (b. 1927 d. 2003).

Special thanks to his son Larry, for support on the first publication in Iceland in 2008


Creator of the APP:



Bryndis S. Gudmundsdottir M.A. CCC – SLP

Speech- language pathologist, innovator and CEO of Raddlist ehf/Kids Sound Lab. Bryndis has over 29 yrs. experience as an SLP and is the author of many books and therapy material in the product line Learning and playing with sounds, in Iceland. She has created 11 iOS apps in English and Icelandic. Kids Sound Lab and the Frog games originate from her work with families and professionals over the years.The Icelandic program Learning and Playing with Sounds evolved through years of clinical work and studies, following the author´s collaboration with the late Dr. Bernard Silverstein professor at University of Tennessee, USA  (b. 1927 d. 2003). Bryndis has presented locally and nationally in Iceland, USA and Europe for clinics, hospitals, educational institutions and various interest groups, on her approach and other topics related to speech language pathology. Bryndis received the “Best Children´s book in Iceland 2008” award from the Educational Board of Reykjavik for “A very special mom” (Einstok mamma) that tells about the feelings and communication barriers a young hearing girl experiences, being brought up by a deaf mother. Bryndis was awarded a “Special Recognition Award 2011″ from Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (GWIIN) for her innovative work in the field of speech pathology.


Consultants for Kids Sound Lab,

Leading specialists in the field of Articulation, Phonology and Voice:



Dr. Barbara Hodson at Wichita State University, KS.


Dr. Katherine Abbott Verdolini at University of Pittsburg, PA.


Design and programming:



Klara Rún Kjartansdóttir
Design and programming of our apps. Klara is a former CCP – Games programmer and is the creator of the apps Explorer Kids and Brick Bucket. Klara is a leading iOS programmer in Iceland.


Árni Sigfússon:
MPA. Former Chairman for Educational Board of Reykjavik and Reykjanesbaer, Iceland and mayor for both cities. After Arni finished his third term as mayor of Reykjanesbaer, 2002 – 2014, he has been actively involved in our work. Arni´s experience as policymaker for the clear rise of Reykjavik and Reykjanesbaer´s education levels has been very important to our project.


Vedis Hervor Árnadóttir MBA. BA Anthropology
Védís is the singer/songwriter for theme songs  Kids Sound Lab and Hoppie. She has also been a multitasking project- & marketing manager for Raddlist ehf./Kids Sound Lab


Artists: Illustrations and Graphic designers.



Halla Sólveig Þorgeirsdóttir and Búi Kristjansson.
Halla Solveig has illustrated over 20 children´s books and other educational projects. She has received numerous national awards for her work and is on honor list of Illustrators at Ibby; International Board on Books for Young People. Bui Kristjansson has illustrated various books in Iceland and has been exhibiting his paintings in London, New York and Iceland.


App Development



Therapy Box
We are now working with Therapy Box – London in making all our apps available foriPhone. The project will be completed in August 2015. Therapy Box is a communication technology business that specialises in creative communication- and therapy apps for people of all ages and abilities. Therapy Box has been the recipient of numerous awards including a 2014 Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation), a 2013 NatWest everywoman Iris award, a 2014 WIRED Start Up Pitch Winner and Pitch@Palace Finalist.



Voice over:

Darren Foreman and Tina Lourenco Lang

Music and lyrics:

ComposerVédís Hervör Árnadóttir (Vedis)

Gitar and banjo: Ásgeir Ásgeirsson

Percussion: Erik Qvick

Piano and keyboard: Þórhallur Bergmann

Theme song:

ComposerVédís Hervör Árnadóttir

Vocals:  Védis Hervör Árnadottir

Gitar and banjo: Ásgeir Ásgeirsson

Percussions: Erik Qvick

Piano and keyboard: Þórhallur Bergmann

Recordings and mix of theme song:

Kristinn Sturluson and Styrmir Hauksson

Recordings at Protime and Studio Syrland/Trickshot

Sound recordings/ Sound mixing:

Trickshot ehf.

Styrmir Hauksson

Védís Hervör Árnadóttir

Startup page and icon for iPad: 

Kári Gunnarsson

Special thanks to:

Aldís Kristín Árnadóttir Firman and Árni Sigfússon

The Icelandic Innovation Center

supported Kids Sound Lab for iPad.