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Three interactive FROG GAMES 1 2 3, tell about Hoppi the frog. An evil wizard put a spell on Hoppi so he lost his speaking voice. To help Hoppi get his speaking voice again you need to help him get to the Magical Castle with the secret that breaks the spell. From Frog game 1 through Frog game 3, you practice the English consonant sounds in the same order as English speaking children acquire them while learning to speak.

In the Frog Game – School app you help Hoppi find the Spell book, the Magic Wand and the Magic Key to the Castle. In the castle you need to help Hoppi make the Magic Potion. He needs to drink it to get his speaking voice again. On the way to the Magic Castle you play fun and interactive games with the Sounds and Letters in English. The Sun guides you at every level as far as what to do. You collect stars on the way and can see how far you are in the game.The letters that are not at the beginning of words are underlined in the words they appear.
In Frog game – School you can: register students and follow progress while going through different levels, track correct and incorrect responses, e-mail results and print data. Every child that is registered may stop at a certain sound level any time. Next time they are registered in the game, they will proceed from the Sound level they left off. When the child has gone once through all Sound levels, they all open up and the child can choose what ever sound to play with. See more below.

When the child is going through the sound levels for the first time, the child needs to:

  1. Finish all levels and get 4 stars at every level in the sound boards > other wise Hoppi frog will not jump to the next sound level
  2. Finish all the Sounds/Letters in every game first, step by step, through the difficulty level provided. Then the Sound/Letter boards open and the children can play as they want and go back and forth. The goal is to make sure that every child would get as much learning experience out of the program, as possible!
  3. In the School version you play and practice ALL the English sounds so it is a longer and more difficult game than Frog game 1,2 and 3. All sounds that are not in the medial and final position in English will appear in the game to discriminate with the focus sound.

Frog game – School  is intended for slightly older children so keep that in mind when choosing which app to go for. The feedback we get from our users is that they are grateful for the smaller games as well because they may be used to help kids adjust to the “bigger” Frog game -School.

In Frog game -School:
The sounds and letters are practiced in interactive games with focus on:

  • Letter/Sound recognition
  • Fingerspelling ASL, capital and lower case letters
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Sound discrimination
  • Picture/sound recognition and recall
  • Text/word; sight recognition and sound recall (naming speed)
  • Vocabulary with hundreds of illustrated pictures by artists for the app
  • Visual and interactive reinforcement
  • Can register students and follow progress while going through different levels
  • Track correct and incorrect responses
  • E mail results
  • Print data
  • The app is for children from 4 – 5 yrs. through elementary school. It gives a possibility for choosing easier exercise level for beginners.

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