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Kids Sound Lab (Free)

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The award winning articulation approach is now available in an App.
Kids Sound Lab is user friendly for all parents and professionals who want to give their children a head start on how to pronounce and practice English sounds. Ideal for families with English as a second language. Created by a certified speech- language pathologist. The sounds are presented in the same order that children acquire sounds, so parents can control the difficulty level and begin by practicing easier sounds. A new research shows significant progress of using the methodology of Kids Sound Lab (KSL) to promote correct articulation and reading in students. First grade students undergoing the KSL program, were compared to students in 3 other schools using other conventional reading programs. Results showed significant progress of students undergoing the KSL program as measured in a standardized pre- and post test with emphasis on literacy skills and sight word reading. (Gudmundsdottir.2014). Children are taught to make the sounds in isolation and then practice the sounds in syllable and words, as they prepare phonological skills necessary for reading later in life. The author; Bryndis Gudmundsdottir was awarded a “Special Recognition Award 2011″ from Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (GWIIN) for her innovative work in the field of speech pathology. Kids Sound Lab, evolved through years of clinical work and studies in collaboration with Dr. Bernard Silverstein professor at UT Knoxville (d. 2003). Consultants for Kids Sounds Lab are Dr. Barbara Hodson at Wichita State Univ., KS, and Dr. Katherine Abbott Verdolini at Univ. of Pittsburg, PA, leading specialists in the field of Articulation, Phonology and Voice.
The Icelandic version of Kids Sound Lab is shown on Icelandic TV, Channel 2. The Icelandic Innovation Center supported Kids Sound Lab.
More information: www.kidssoundlab.com, Youtube.com/laerumogleikum,

Kids Sound Lab includes:

  • User friendly parent-based program
  • Voice recording and playback feature for monitoring immediate responses
  • 24 Consonant Sounds in English introduced in a systematic way with emphasis on visual and auditory recall/memory for each consonant
  • Vowels introduced separately A – E – I – O – U as long vowels that say their own names short vowels that do not say their own names
  • Consonant sounds in the main menu listed in developmental order of sound acquisition
  • Descriptions of how to produce all consonant sounds are provided by Bonnie and Bobbie, the main characters
  • Most consonant sounds are practiced in a sound play in CV > consonant – vowel syllables > so all sounds are produced correctly before they are put into words
  • Sounds practiced at beginning of words where they appear (see disclaimer in app) in English: /m, n, b, p, d, t, w, y, h, k, g, f, v, ng, ch, j, sh, s, z, l, r, voiceless and voiced th/
  • Prevocalic/consonantal R introduced and practiced (R followed by a vowel – easy to remediate and use to shape other vocalic Rs later)
  • The (ng, zh) sounds are practiced at the middle and end of words, as they do not occur at the beginning of words
  • Voiced /th/ practiced at the beginning, middle and end of words
  • Each sound has three interactive game activities at the end of each level
  • Original pictures made by illustrators/graphic designers B.Kristjansson and H.S.Thorgeirsdottir
  • Original music and rhythm by Vedis, Icelandic singer and composer
  • Scoring and data tracking for each child/student
  • Scoring provided for each sound with date, numbers, and %age of correct productions for monitoring progress
  • Student profiles (name, age, email, gender, notes, photo)
  • Email options to send scores with dates and notes, # of correct responses, and %age of total correct responses
  • Extended voice recording time for making sentences with the words that are practiced with each sound
  • Air print (with printer) with collective data
  • Improved storage with dropbox
  • More info and guidance at every step – Just tap the Sun at every level
  • Parental gate – no Advertisements