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What do others say?

From Kim Lewis at activitytailor.com:

“For children with multiple artic errors, phonological processing disorders or apraxia, I’ll often find myself assigning the target phoneme a personality or visual cue.  Who hasn’t talked about the “hot breath” of /h/ or the “angry cat” sound of /f/? When I saw Kids Sound Lab Pro at ASHA, I was intrigued.

Not only were the Icelandic developers a lively bunch they had Dr. Barbara Hodson as a consultant.  Who wouldn’t take an extra look?  I recently started using the app in therapy and it is a fabulous way to introduce the phoneme “characters.”  So good, in fact, I’ve begun using it with a number of kids that have no articulation issues but struggle with sound/letter association or other phonemic awareness tasks.

To start, you input a child’s name, gender, birth date and photo (optional).  Takes but a second.  And, actually, if you were a parent using this with one child, you would need to, but doing so allows you to track performance.”

“The little characterizations and animations of each phoneme as well as descriptions of productions are invaluable.  They really seem to stick with kids in a way a static representation/picture doesn’t.  And while the app’s focus on developmental order and beginning productions seems simplistic and geared toward the very young child, the pictures aren’t overly “babyish.”  I can easily see using this with a school aged child struggling with reading skills or apraxia”   See more at:



Love your Kids Sound Lab and was thrilled to be there (in Iceland) for the launch! Fantastic work!!!!!

Kittie Tuller Verdolini Abbott

What a fantastic app!!! I love all the colors and that there are 2 kids as the “hosts” making it more applicable to our clients! How wonderful that it is parent friendly to help with carryover in between therapy sessions (as long as they have access! I also really like that it targets vowels. Most other apps are simply consonants so that’s a great feature! Thanks for creating this!

Amanda Sanges Bellamy

I like how the app is so easy to use it makes TX easier

Erica Vannoy

I have to tell u how much I like ur app! I love having different pictures to show to kids for articulation and vocabulary! My kids love seeing what picture will come up next! Thanks for the great app!

Jennifer Fluga

Your app is fun! The graphics are great, and it really keeps the kids engaged! Thank you!

Kathlene Talladay

I love the looks of the new app! It appears to be easy to use and very visual which my two boys with autism love! Thanks

Caren Sue Evans

Saw your app on STMA and wanted to check it out. Always interested in good apps to use at school

Judy Hale

Love your apps and the graphics!

Melanie Coseo

Your app looks awesome!

Mandi Schaumburg


Jan Potter Reed

We are extremely happy with this app. It´s easy to use, fun and working….

Stebbi Joh.

This app is great for toddlers who are learning to speak or correcting their sounds. I have one two year old and one three year old and they are both loving it, it´s their favorite app!

Ragnheidur Sv.

I just bought this App for my 3,5 yrs old and she loves it. She loves listening to different sounds of the letters and enjoys to play the games. She is practicing her phonological awareness which is great and we love to play this app together.

Helga Magga

Really brilliant. So educating for the young ones and they love it as a game.


My kids will be using this to practice their pronunciations. We already have the Icelandic Version which they love, especially the games. Great job!

Klara Run

Out of many food and helpful Apps on articulation this one is special. It leads us so easily through the learning of sounds, gives us an opportunity to record and also to keep track of progress. Excellent product! My family highly recommends it!


Higly recommend. Especially for toddlers.


Great tool for kids and toddler to practice their pronunciations. Kids love it!